The orgasm: a moment in time where sexual excitement climaxes with feelings of pleasure centered from the genitals. With males, orgasm is accompanied by an ejaculatory response, but that is only a basic description of orgasm. There is much more going on that most overlook. Below is a more in-depth review of what is happening for both biological males and females during orgasm.

Male Physical Reactions

Male penis shadow releasing ejaculatory fluid

Female Physical Reactions

Female face, mouth agap from pleasure

Other Bodily Reactions

Not all orgasm reactions are purely physical, throughout the brain, nerves, hormones and chemicals in the body many different reactions are happening. The below is a simplified version of what can happen in both biological males and/or females.

Fireworks exploding from a brain due to pleasure

Orgasm & Culture

While many places today feel the topic of orgasm is a taboo subject, it in fact, has a large history where certain periods of time orgasm was considered a culturally acceptable piece of conversation. Below is list of orgasm related to culture old and current.

Person jumping upwards with joy clicking heels together

Interesting Facts About Orgasm